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F.X. Buckley

F.X Buckley steakhouses and bars are the newest chapter in the story of a legendary Dublin brand. From its origin in Moore Street in 1930 to its growing and sustained modern success in steakhouses and bars, it’s remained synonymous with quality and service.


F.X. Buckley has always been an iconic Dublin name, but its very diversity – butchers, bars and grills – had created a lack of definition for the restaurant group.


The restaurant business needed a more defined profile. The heritage needed to be reclaimed to give integrity and weight to the quality claims.


We reverted back to using the ‘F.X. Buckley’ family name, dropping ‘FXB’. We developed a bespoke old-style typeface for the brand, reinforcing heritage and traditional ways. Finally, the interiors of all restaurants were refurbished. Sicne the streamlined, defined branding, the re-branded F.X. Buckley has seen unparalleled sales growth, year-on-year.

FXBuckley Crow St interior

One thing I was never really quite sure of was the power of a good brand until I saw the F.X. Buckley brand come to life. The guys understood our business is ultimately about the customer experience. Catalyst understood why the product, place and service is so important. The agency’s work taps into all these areas and delivers a superb service. Already I’m seeing the benefits in terms of reputation, bums on seats and improved sales.

– Des Buckley
Owner, F.X. Buckley Restaurants

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