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Coillte is a unique company with diverse remits. Stewardship of Irish public woodland encompassing 7% of Ireland’s total landmass; an innovative supplier of superior wood products and a leader in alternative energy development in Ireland.


Coillte has an awesome responsibility – that of safeguarding for the generations Ireland’s woodland. In total, an area the size of County Cork. What was less well-known however is that Coillte also runs a series of successful supplementary businesses, some exporting globally.


Our task was to raise awareness of the dual nature of Coillte.  This was stated explicitly in the positioning of “Trees are just the start of it.” We established that woodland stewardship was their best-known activity, but that there were many other business and environmental initiatives in which Coillte is a major player.


The ‘Trees Plus’ strategy was the basis for all marketing and Coillte established itself as a company that’s as concerned and passionate about innovation as it is about conservation. The campaign has rolled out across national press, radio, posters and online, transforming the perception of Coillte.

Coillte Sustustainable Report 2013 website

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